Our Mission

At CrossFit Blackbuck, our mission is pretty simple, to make you the best version of yourself that you can be. We want you to lift heavier, run further faster, and to be able to go hard when life unexpectedly tries to throw you for a loop. In essence, we’re trying to bulletproof you to the best of our ability for life’s daily activities.

Functional fitness is a buzzword for some, but for the trainers at CrossFit Blackbuck, it’s how we train. Picking up a heavy bag of dog food off the ground is a deadlift. Lifting a heavy box up over your head to put on a shelf is a strict press. Grabbing every last grocery bag out of your car because you don’t believe in second trips is a farmer’s carry. Getting knocked down and jumping right back up is a burpee. Life’s activities might use odd implements, but the movement patterns stay the same.

As trainers at CrossFit Blackbuck, we’re going to meet you where you’re at ability wise and then we’re going to progress you. Don’t be scared to take the first step and walk into our gym. We all started somewhere and then worked our tails off to get where we’re at now. Don’t just exercise, train for life and with a purpose.