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The (CrossFit Games) Open signifies the start of the competitive season for the sport of CrossFit. It’s free for anyone to do (as are all things from and is used as a benchmark for your fitness at the current point in time. Those that have done it in years’ past will have a story about something crazy that happened, how much fun was had, how they got their first, or even hit a completely unexpected PR after the fatigue of a workout.

In a nutshell, The Open starts Feb. 29 when the first of 3 workouts is unveiled and wraps up Monday, March 18th after the 3rd workout submission deadline. There are 3 workouts but a possibility of more than 3 scores, such as a lift after a metcon (this comprises a single workout).

Anyone, anywhere can do The Open and there is a global, online leaderboard to weigh and rank your performance against strangers and friends alike. It costs $20 + tax to participate and is a great way to record what you did, how you did it, and—most importantly—will serve as a snapshot of where you were, who you were with, and what you did. It’s easy to get lost in where we are and The Open bonds those who participate together with those stories.

There’s plenty of reason not to sign up for it. I won’t invest much time in trying to refute them and convince you. There’s nothing unique about it on paper. But the pride you have from conquering fears, being bold and going for the chest to bars over kipping pull-ups, and investing in the snapshot are unlike any other. I’ve run plenty of 5Ks and couldn’t tell much of them apart from any other. But I remember every year I did and didn’t compete in The Open. There’s my name in an app, on a leaderboard, ahead of some friends and behind others to prove it.

No matter—at CrossFit Blackbuck, we’ll do (and stress over) the workouts, have fun, and make some memories while we’re at it. If you’re anxious… You do CrossFit. Every day you show up to the gym. The tools are in the shed, the work capacity has been and is being developed, and you are a BADASS. Every day you do the work, you are more an athlete.

Sign up here if you’re into it. We’ll see you Friday Night for a throwdown!

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